Monday, June 28, 2010

How to con customers (and yes, supermarkets are very good at this)'s a post I long intended to do, and this one prompted me to:
Nothing To Do With Arbroath: EU to ban selling eggs by the dozen

Now, I think the EU needs to improve their PR (and yes, if they've got a grossly overpaid vacant position I'm up for it!): the whole point isn't about eggs, it's about selling two similar products with a different unit. For instance, Tescos's sells fruits -like lemons- by unit, by 6 and by weight. Sainsburys sells some yoghurt by weight and others by volumme.

The shopper is often at pains (this is an euphemism) to compare prices, and I do think this is deliberate.

Now, we've got to thank the EU for many things, including civil liberties (data protection rights), environment (air quality directive, see this post on why it's a good thing for instance with the proposed (and hopefully defunct Heathrow Expansion) and consumer rights (for instance on distance selling or unbundling or mobile telephony). But because it's easier to blame Brussels and take credit for oneself, the population is not sold on the benefits of having directives in the favour of the consumer.

So, while I agree EMP's should have made exceptions for eggs for instance, I think prices should be easily made comparables between similar items in shops. And it's currently often not the case.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Some news on the level crossing: consultation next Thursday!

The council just informed me that a public meeting will be held on the Manor Road level crossing, following that very ill advised planning application for a footbridge.

In my previous post (At last: the North Sheen footbridge is coming... alas, this is not what you expected!) I explained that indeed someone came up with the ridiculous idea to set the footbridge across the street, opposite the station.

See the invite below -do come to voice your ideas!

(still no word from Susan Kramer on this...)



Erection of a footbridge to facilitate a pedestrian crossing of the railway and installation of 1 no. CCTV mast with 2 no. Cameras.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Town and Country (General Development Procedure) Order 1995

I write to advise you that the above application is to be considered by the Planning Committee on 1 July 2010. The meeting will commence at 6.30pm and be held in the Council Offices, York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham. The meeting is held in public and the Council has a procedure for representations to be made by members of the public and applicants to be made to the Committee: this is explained on the attached sheet. Please note that speakers should arrive at 6pm to liaise with the committee clerk.

If you would like to put your views to the Committee personally please contact the Customer Support Centre at the Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham on 0845 612 2660 so that we can register your wish to speak. You will be given a registration number which you may be asked to quote to the Committee Clerk when you arrive at York House for the meeting. If you do not register your wish to speak before 12 noon on the day before the meeting you will not be allowed to speak. The written comments you have already submitted have been included in my officer's report. Any further written comments will be accepted until noon on the day before.

Copies of the Committee Agenda and my officer's report will be available for inspection in Richmond's reference library five working days before the meeting and on the Council's website at If you go to your local library to see the report on the website, it will greatly assist if you take this letter with you.

We have produced a short film to show first time speakers how the Planning Committee conducts its proceedings. The film is available in three formats, DVD, CD-Rom and VHS. Please ask for a copy in your chosen format when registering to speak. The film can also be viewed on our website.

Yours faithfully

Robert Angus

Development Control Manager

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Kew fair...

... Is an old fashion village fayre, complete with ferris wheel, galloping horses, flying chairs, and lots of nice stalls -crafts and food

Oh, and a fire engine and a band too!

It's this week-end, make sure you drop in.