Friday, September 14, 2007

Update on the update on the North Sheen station footbridge

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Following onto our campaign for a second footbridge at North Sheen station, we chased up our MP, Susan Kramer, who in turn chased again Network Rail.

It has been slow progress, not for the lack of trying from Susan's office but because of inertia at Network Rail.

In the meantime, the same Network Rail is spending its money on radio ads to keep reminding us how much level crossings are. We'd rather see them actually removing level crossings or making them safer: according to them, "an average of one person a month is killed at level crossings", most likely on one of the 1,521 sited on public roads.

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Anonymous said...

I would in interested to know the legality of the original removal of the footbridge - what consultation and alternatives were considered, what obligations were there to provide an alternative - is there any way to force reinstatement through challenging the original approach.
There has just been yet another serious incident today 1 nov 07

Ludovic Windsor said...

Thanks for your comment.

- Could you elaborate on this serious incident?

- I don't know about the legality, any ideas on finding about it?