Monday, January 14, 2008

Save Barn Elms Playing Fields - Say No To Sale

In its great wisdom, Richmond council is planning to sell up to 5.5 acres of the Barn Elm playing fields and has put a tender out to private health groups.

Read more on BBC - Action Network - Save Barn Elms Playing Fields - Say No To Sale:
"The council will decide on preferred bidders on January 14 2008. We believe the cost for the regeneration of the fields and facilities should be provided from our substantial tax reserves and that there are alternative funding sources as well. There should be an increase to the sport and leisure opportunities and the grounds and facilities should be better maintained and managed. There should be equipment on site so that children can play constructively. There should be facilities for all age groups to encourage coummunity participation and a more healthy life style. These fields are important to the schools and the community at large, they should not be sold to a private health club developer! Please contact us if you wish to sign our petition."

Selling assets is both unwise (why not leasing them out rather than selling them right out?) and does little to promote sports.

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Josie said...

I live in Rocks Lane and I absolutely agree that this land should not be sold to a private developer or used by private health club, the traffic would be unbearable in a road that is already so busy and i feel that this land could be put to good use by our own community if a bit of thought was given to it.