Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pan-European Maglev....

In this post, the Greenmonk Associates rejoin my conclusions about increasing the share of rail vs. air transport:
Tax and Travel in EU: On Carbon Added Tax (CAT) and Maglev

I just have to comments:

1. Maglev is a power hog, much more than steel-on-steel. But since the UK is going back into nuclear, it’s less of an issue?

2. The main point though is on reducing friction, not from a technology standpoint but more on individual journeys: reduce the number of interconnections (for instance by removing intermodal discontinuities) and adoption climbs rapidly.
In this respect, pan-european TGV like France is spearheading works but only if there’s sufficient parking at stations and easy connection with local public transports. The smartest at this are the Dutch who have two bikes: one at each station of their daily commute, plus bike-sheds with repair facilities.

In a nutshell, make it easy by investing into infrastructure and the air CO2 emissions (although is CO2 the real issue?) will diminish: see my previous posts on More on Heathrow and No will for carbon friendly transportation strategy.

Much more efficient in the long term than simply taxing cars. But isn’t short termism the root cause of anthropogenic climate change?"

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