Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glad I managed to land... (and Heathrow expansion lies)

Major panic at Heathrow after a BA 777 crash landed short of the South runway:
Heathrow drama after aircraft crash lands - Times Online

My flight managed to land just 10 mn after, and was not diverted....

We don't know why but it puts into equation the risk element of having a shorter third runway within a densely populated area.

By the way, I've tried to fill in the Government consultation on Heathrow expansion from the airport on the way out, but the "free access" kept cutting off half way -infuriating.
The consultation document is biased for many reasons:

1. The economic impact is not proven
2. It does not present other alternatives such as developping a high-speed train network to relieve the airport from domestic flights
3. It does not say why, out the 5 London airports, Heathrow has to get a 3rd runway. After all, Gatwick could too, Stanstead and Luton could get a second one -but it might be a bit tight to expand City aiport....
4. The pollution takes into account a large zone around Heathrow (otherwise they would not meet EC criteria) and does not take into account the fact that air travel pollution is not well measured.
5. We can't trust the government as it's in bed with BAA and BA, after all they kept the expansion plans quiet until T5 was built despite T5 planning permission was granted on the condition to keep aircrafts movements to 480,000 (the expansion would bring this number to over 700,000!!!).

Do also read those 20 airport questions for Ruth Kelly from the 2Mgroup.


Check the Richmond Borough guidelines on how to fill in the consultation document (here), Sign the petition to oppose Heathrow expansion (tips on how to do this here), participate to the mass rally on Feb 25th...


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