Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stating the obvious: Heathrow expansion will pollute more

http://www.bbc.co.uk/home/images/main_promo/bbc2/airplane_pollution_wt_r_1.jpgSometimes, stating the obvious helps:
BBC NEWS | England | London | Third runway will 'damage health' (06/10/08)

"If the third runway goes ahead, if we get that extra both air and
ground traffic that will arise out of that, then it is absolutely
certain that nitrogen dioxide levels will go way beyond what they ought
to be for the sake of human health."

Why is that important?

Because, as a spokesman for the Department of Health (DfT) said: "The government
has always been clear that expansion at Heathrow could not go ahead
unless strict local environmental conditions could be met."

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In a nutshell:
  • lobbies speaking about the economicimpact of Heathrow expansion are not basing their statements on any reliable economic impact study
  • the DfT, BAA and BA are in collusion to preserve their own interests and not that of Londoners or the country
  • when they talk about Heathrow not being competitive compared to other European capitals, they conveniently forget that only London has FIVE international airports and that many other capitals have successfully relocated their airport

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