Friday, February 08, 2008

RTT on White Hart Lane level crossing

The Richmond and Twickenham Times has just published an article on the White Hart Lane level crossing.

Network Rail is "thinking about" a bridge (£25k, peanuts compared to the useless repaving of downtown Richmond) and Con. Trigg said "it's a difficult problem to solve". I think it;s quite simple in fact: here are the comments I've posted on their web site:

I've blogged numerous times on the North Sheen crossing which is equally dangerous: only last week a vehicule came stuck in the barrier which caused traffic mayhem all around.

The options offered are just lame: yes, a footbridge would be good, closing the crossing would just cripple the area.

I've travelled a lot in Europe and never saw level crossing in urban areas: are they more clever?

But the real solution would be to either bury the train line underground (expensive but the resulting free land overground could be part sold for profil and converted into commuters parking to incitate people to leave their car and travel green) or digging a road mini-tunnel.


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