Wednesday, February 13, 2013

American Airlines -DAY FOUR, now own up!

American Airlines (ex. AMR, now AAMRQ) is probably too busy merging with US Air but in any case, it's no surprise they went busy given the way they treat their customers. It's day four, and the responses we're getting are still "contact that other department" or "your fare is no longer available". That's not good enough, as per my email below.

If you've missed the beggining of the saga, here's the start: American Airlines, give me my booking back!
Check also this Facebook thread.

Re your latest email AA Ref#1-808589557, it is still my intimate conviction that there's a mistake on AA's part.

I would very much like you to recognise this and rebook my flights at the original price. Passing back the parcel to reservations doesn't help because they don't have the authority to do this.

1. We have been in touch with you re. this booking, but at no point AA said there was a problem.

2. I dispute the fact AA has tried to contact me. Actually, I know AA haven't called. And I am convinced AA did not send those emails about a credit card problem.

3. I heard back from my credit card company who says you HAVE NOT tried to resubmit this transaction. See below.

Do the right thing please. Own up. Rebook us.


Dear *****

Thanks for your message.

I have checked your account and can confirm that there are no Outstanding Authorisations for the amounts you specified on your account at present. This could be because the transaction has either completed, which you can view under 'Recent Transactions', or it may have dropped off your account.

Outstanding Authorisations are usually held on an account for seven to 10 days before they are either removed or are fully debited upon receipt of the sales voucher receipt from the company or merchant who your account is being debited to.

An account can only legally be debited once the credit card company is in receipt of the Sales Voucher Receipt. Sales Voucher Receipts are usually received within 7 to 10 days. However, merchants do have six years and one day in which they

can legally produce the sales voucher receipt. Therefore, an outstanding authorisation could be pending on an account for anytime within that period and then debited to the account.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Kind Regards,

Customer Service Advisor
Barclaycard Customer Services

13/2/13 UPDATE: to my great surprised, BarclayCard actually called me back after my tweet and confirmed that AA did not retry to submit the transaction. My conclusion? AA failed their duties of caring for their customers. And lied. They look bad. Someone screwed up there and they should really own up rather than burying their head in the sand. 
Top marks for the @barclaycard web team anyway. At least someone's doing their job.

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