Monday, October 08, 2012

IKEA, flat packed house fires?

Melting transformer under the stairs, house fire narrowly avoided...

Thank you not #IKEA.

Wondering if that's a common occurence and a known fire hazard?

Ikea item reference S0303(SANSA)
Made in China by Tongxiang Yongda Telecomunications Co., Ltd under model YD-60A-2

Update 15/10/12
  • Ikea called me yesterday (Sunday) to address the issue.
  • A very nice lady asked me details as they were concerned by the fire risk
  • The product appears discontinued so they can't withdraw it from sale
  • She will send a £20 voucher to use in store
Bottom line: a late but very good reaction from IKEA, addressing both the safety aspect and the customer satisfaction aspects.

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Ludo Windsor said...

And here's the response from their customer service -quite frankly inappropriate.


Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we do not sell any spare parts for any of our items.

If you have a product which is missing, or has faulty parts, we would only be able to replace these once appropriate proof of purchase has been provided and as long as the item is within its guarantee period.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Joseph G
IKEA Customer Service.