Monday, September 17, 2012

How often do plane stowaways fall from the sky?

Wheel well attemptsThe Beeb wakes up after under-reporting past cases with this article: BBC News - How often do plane stowaways fall from the sky? Interestingly enough, they don't answer the question.  I've done the maths though: it's one every four years. Just on Richmond borough.
List of reported stowaways reported on Heathrow-bound planes
Year Provenance Airline Number Condition Impact/Retrival Source
2010 Austria Dubai royal family private jet 1 Alive LHR link
1996 India 2 Dead Sainsbury's building site? link
2012 South Africa BA 1 Dead LHR link
2001 Bahrein BA 1 Dead Homebase car park, Richmond link
2012 1 Dead Portman avenue, East Sheen link
2002 Ghana Ghana Airways 2 Dead LHR link
2002 Ghana BA Dead link
2000 1 Dead Broadstone farm, Rudwick, Sussex? link
2002 Uganda DAS Air Cargo 1 Dead LHR link
2007 LHR
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