Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CardAid in Richmond

Sharmin from CardAid asked me to post this -you can help by buying your cards from them:


I apologise for springing this on you out of the blue but I couldn't find another way of contacting you. Basically, I'm writing from one of the Card Aid shops in Richmond. As an organisation, we represent over 250 Charities and each year, during the winter season, we set up two shops in Richmond Old Town Hall and St Mary Magdalene Church. Unlike many commercial outlets where as little as 2% goes to charity, all profits go to charity from our cards. Just so you know we're not crazy frauds, our website is here:

In short, and I hope it's not too cheeky to say this, would you be able to do us a huge favour and mention us on your blog? We would be incredibly grateful - the charity xmas card market is really suffering this year!

I love Mar I Terra too, by the way!

Thanks so much,

Sharmin, Card Aid

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