Friday, August 29, 2008

ITV news: bloggers tour

Great tour of the ITV studios in Camden with a few bloggers, thanks to the team.

I am sure Miss Geeky will relate all the technical details -she had a bit of a nice camera to take pictures. The other bloggers there were The Brinkster, Ben Locker and AboutMayfair.

We watch the news with Alastair Stewart and Salma being made from the gallery (the room where they mix all the programmes, with the director, the engineers, the autocue girl....).

I'll post my own photo later...


Tony said...

Ola senior
try glad you had a good time...

Rob said...

Hi Ludovic
Was good to meet you today - the ITV news tour was very cool.
(p.s. it's , not .com in the link :-) )