Thursday, March 13, 2008

Extinguishers failing are common sense test

Read this yesterday:
Extinguishers banned as ‘fire risk’ - Times Online

In theit great wisdom, Bornemouth Fire brigade backed the removal of those safety devices in fear that residents would try tackle a blaze rather than flee.

I don't know whether to categorise this a case of health and safety gone bonkers or as a common sense failure. Surely the Firemen would better employ their free time training people tackling small incidents before they turn into major fires???

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Tony said...

mmm tricky... but in most cases people fail to use common sense in the case of fire.. this is deep and complex, and the removal of extinguishers and other fire suppressant devices may help to save lives but cost more in insurance claims... and to spend time training the general public is probable better spent on teaching first aid rather than firefighting.... though I would not like to suggest that our local heros at H42 have free time they can spend teaching folk how to fight fires... when not fighting fires they are very busy.. training and inspecting property across our town... and firefighters (both men and women at our local station) do more than wait for fires to occur... but we should talk more about this...