Monday, October 15, 2007

Should Americans eat more excrements (or just camembert?)

In this Slate article, Kent Sepkowitz asks whether the food chain is too clean?
Why Americans should eat more excrement. - By Kent Sepkowitz - Slate Magazine

The answer to the question is simple but not quite as simplistic as the author puts it. When I go to the US, it always strikes me that you can't find much fresh food in their supermarket: everything is sanitised and vacuum packed. They won't cook beef blue because it's against the law. They may be just ahead of us, I get this as an excuse here too.

I would rather suggest Americans to stop eating shit: dump all crap processed food, stop pasteurising all their "cheeses", eat sushi and beef tartare, fresh vegatables and oysters.

I bet they would soon discover that cooking from fresh ingredients, eating camembert, roquefort, raw seafood is not only better to taste but I also better for the waistline.

Camembert for instance is not pasteurised. Those who think it stinks may be right, I just say it's an acquired tate. My 6 and 3 year old love it so much that I am lucky if I eat 1/8th. Of course, roper camembert is of course unpasteurised and helps the digestion system to be reactive and healthy.

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MMN said...

be careful ! All camemberts are not raw milk cheeses. Nowadays in France, less than 3% of the total production is made from raw milk. 97% are thermally treated (pasteurised or not) or mechanically treated (micro filtered). Keep your eyes open and choose the good one !

Ludovic Windsor said...

You're absolutely right and I've blogged several times on the subject, including here:

Foodings: All you need to know on Camembert!

I am quite depressed about the last mainstream brand abandoning the AOC -make sure you eat enough unpasteurised cheese!

Roy said...

Alas, convenience breeds apathy back in my home country, and as such I doubt we'll be seeing any remedies anytime soon.

Nice to know someone cares.

Julie said...

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