Sunday, August 27, 2006

A bad Indian

I usually don't write negative restaurant reviews, but this will be the exception. A few weeks back, Sharkels', our favourite Indian, was closed for refurbishment (although it opened in Sheen quite recently). So I set off in a mission to find a takeaway, where I could also park the car and found this Bengal Village, opposite the The Red Cow.

Don't even try it, it's probably the worst curry I had for a very long time...


Pete said...

A real shame you did'nt enjoy the curry there. This is my local takeway and I have to say that it has never failed me yet - and I used to live near Brick Lane so do recognise a good curry when I taste one! Why not give it a second chance? Its been around a long time too.

What did you have?

Good blog btw.


Ludovic Windsor said...


I'm glad you like the blog :-)

I can't remember which curries we took but the spices were not cooked from fresh for sure.
I've had good (Muslim) curries from Brick Lane but if you want better try Southall :-)
An Indian friend of mine also recommended a takeway on Kew road (the other side of Richmond circus) but I have yet to try.

Andrew Pilkington said...

I have to agree with Pete. I really like the Bengal Village. There is also as you say a good takeaway on Kew Road called Cafe Marsala. However with both these spots, despite being a regualar customer, the staff never personally acknowledge me. I really don't see why they can't be friendly to regulars. In Durham, the guy who runs the local curry house called Shaheens knows the name of every regular customer. I would be suprised if the Bengal Village know the name of any of theirs.