Saturday, June 25, 2005

Supermarkets 1: parking spaces

In prevision of my dear wife going back to work, having sorted the childcare, I went to the supermarket this morning to do the weekly shopping chore. Looks like I need to be trained again to pick the right goods :-)

I went to Tesco this time, way cheaper than our local Sainsbury (and at least their fish counter doesn't stink).

But there's something they seem to overdo: parking spaces. There are about 10 for people with children (usually taken by singletons in 4x4's) and 30 for disabled. I don't have anything against it and by all means everything that can be done to make disabled people's life a little easier (including lifts in the London tube and in train stations, an all too rare sight in the UK), but I would ask something:

Is there really 3 times more disabled persons in the UK than families?

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