Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism, Etc.

Great blog by Dan Gilmour, a SanFran based journo, aimed at "encourag[ing] and enabl[ing] more citizen-based media".

  • Links to a 90% crud blog post on how Apple screws its customers by removing features from iTunes. Don't you hate that too?
  • Good collection of links and a detailed wrap-up on Apple vs. ThinkSecrets, or how BigCorpsInc are making their best to dismantle what's left of the First Ammendment. On that subject, this c|net article is not bad, but just stops short of a conclusion. Mine is that most of the news we read is pre-digested, planted or even created by the big corporations and governements.
  • And a great "draft" on the "End of Objectivity".

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