Monday, May 14, 2018

Four cars written off at dangerous junction

Yesterday Sunday 13th May 2018, around 6pm, two cars crashed violently in Bicester road. The cars were badly damaged and both drivers were wheeled away on stretchers by two separate ambulances. Richmond Police and Fire Brigade were in attendance for over one hour, as it took that long to get the first ambulance, mobilising four PC and a fire engine with a crew of five. Two more parked cars (thankfully belonging to a local garage and not to residents) were impacting.

This junction is notoriously dangerous, with several high-velocity road traffic incidents each and every year, as speeding traffic from the dual-carriageway A316 / Lower Richmond road comes often at speed towards Lambert avenue or into Somerton avenue.
The junction line of sight is impeded by parked cars, consistent with a 30 miles per hour limit.
Local residents have repeatedly asked the council to invest into a raised junction and speed humps in Somerton avenue.

The council's response so far has been just a few double-yellow lines to improve visibility, hardly a traffic calming measure.

How many more accidents there before it takes effective action?

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